Andrew Bulat


Kherson State Pedagogical Institute after N. Krupskaya (present Kherson State University), 1989, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, diploma on higher education in “Physics and Computer science” specialty

Ukrainian, Russian, English
Deputy Director of the Institute of Informational Technologies of Kherson State University
Professional experience: 

C++, C#, .NET, ADO.NET, XML, SQL (MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005)

Participation in international projects:
Preparation of project applications and management of  Tempus Tacis Joint European Projects
•     “Computing Curricula for Ukrainian Universities” (2007-2009); 
•    “ICT based learning and personal development services for students” (2007-2009).
•    “ECDL for Ukrainian Administrators” (2006-2008); 
•     “UnIT-Net - IT in University Management Network” (2003-2005);
•     “Land reform and land market development in Ukraine” (2002-2004);
•     “Informational Infra-structure of Higher Educational Institutions” (1998-2001);

Participation in software development projects:
•    2008-2009 – research prototype of the Learning Content Management System (MS SQL Server 2005, TFS, VS 2008, C#, ASPX, Ajax, ITHit WebDAV Server), responsible for definition of user requirements, project management, development of server side (data access and business logic) components.
•    2003-2004 – prototype of data exchange with educational authorities (Exchange Server, Outlook, Excel, WebDAV, XML, DHTML, VBA, C++) responsible for definition of user requirements and development of application at the side of authorities.
•    1999-2000 - project “Information and Analytical System of the University” (MS SQL Server, VS, C++, COM), participated in task definition and development of application database
•    1997-1999 – development of applications for personnel department for the university (MS Access, VBA)
•    1995-1997 - development of accounting application for town state administration (MS Access, MS Excel, VBA, DDE)


Lection Courses : 

Introduction into Theory of Databases Object-oriented programming Informational systems and data exchange

Professional skills and interests: 
Developing of architecture of databases