САSE-technologies and reusable components

According to the concept of an integrated software environment software is a collection of electronic versions of training, interacting with each other to provide the effective work of the main participants of the process of studying. In the framework of this concept developed e-learning tools, general: textbooks, problem books, directory, Workbook. Especially for PP on mathematics developed by subject-oriented e-learning tools: Solver tasks, among the tasks Graphs. For the PP programming developed Programming Environment, Wednesday demonstration (performance algorithms). For PPP Library electronic visual "Algebra 7.9" realized teacher workplace and workplace student, implemented training facilities: Library reference summaries, library lessons, library tasks Terminological Dictionary. The architecture and functionality of the network version of the IDE boule developed in the PPP "Algebra, Grade 7," Algebra, Grade 8 "to support the practical part of the lesson and thematic appraisals, which was developed by the subsystem for transmission and verification of practical tasks. An important object-oriented component of the support of mathematical activity is a mathematical editor. Common components of mathematical pattern - graphics. Algebraic calculator Subject-oriented automation developments are specialized editors, which are implemented for almost all electronic instructional materials. This editors textbooks, library reference summaries, problem books, the Handbook, other CASE-tools. In connection with the improvement of ideas on emerging applications in our software products are constantly emerging new services requiring the use of new technologies.