Library of Electronic Presentation "Algebra 7-9"

Basic destiny of software (briefly is a LP "Algebra 7-9" or software) is using as presentations on the lessons of algebra in 7-9 classes of secondary school or in the process of independent studying of scientific material by pupils for forming the proper knowledges and practical abilities.

By topics, content and requirements to general preparation of pupils LP "Algebra 7-9" fully matches educational programme for algebra for general educational establishments of Ukraine.

By topics and content LP "Algebra 7-9" fully provides presentations for performing lessons of algebra in 7-9 classes of secondary school, modeling and imrpoving didactic possibilities of presentations, transferred in document "Typical list of educational evident reference books, educational hardware and educational equipment of secondary educational establishments”, ratified by edict of Department of Education and Science of Ukraine from 2002.06.20 № 367 for the course of algebra in 7-9 classes of secondary school.

Teacher of mathematics and pupils are the basic users of LP "Algebra 7-9". Methodists of mathematics of educational departments, teachers of methodic of mathematics of pedagogical higher educational establishments, persons, who individualy studies the sections of course "Algebra", taught in 7-9 classes of general school, can be the users too.

  • A teacher uses LP "Algebra 7-9" in the process of teaching new material on a lesson.
  • Pupil uses LP "Algebra 7-9" for mastering scientific material at home during the independent studying of this material.
  • Pupil also uses LP "Algebra 7-9" as a conspect of theoretical materials of lesson during execution of practical tasks on a lesson or at home.