Program-methodical complex “Video interpreter for sorting and searching algorithms"

Program-Methodical Complex (PMC) "Videointerpreter" is designed for studying the section "Basics of algorithms and programming" of "Fundamentals of Computer Science" subject in secondary school. Special features of PMC are oriented on studying topic "Searching and sorting algorithms". This topic is offered to be a central one in the entire section. PMC Videointerpreter algorithms for searching and sorting is universal. It's a quick way to build an executable module demonstrating the work of any type of sorting algorithm.

Integrated environment PMC Videointerpreter consists of the following units:

• Programming environment with a collection of source code of algorithms of PMC and collection of source code of user algorithms and programs.

• Demonstrating environment with a collection of demonstrations of algorithms of PMC Videointerpretator and collection of demonstrations of users' algorithms.

• Electronic tutorial algorithm for "Searching and sorting algorithms".

• Electronic guide for the programming language Pascal.