Environment of distance learning «WebAlmir»

  • Works in operating system Windows XP, works with Internet Explorer 6
  • Developed in 2005
  • Developed unsolicitedly
  • Certificate on the copyright registration on product № 13872 «Computer program «Distance learning environment «WebAlmir»»» from 16.08.2005
  • Users of system are teachers and students of higher education institutions on the mathematics and informatics speciality
  • Developed as the distance version
  • Distance learning environment «WebAlmir» is meant for computer support of the course of Linear Algebra in the high school

«WebAlmir» is a personified system: every user has his own work area and distant access to his work desk. The core of the system is Environment of tasks solving. The main functions of this module are user transformation validation and automatic transformation requested by user. The environment can adapt to the user by changing abstraction level when solving various types of tasks. User can concentrate on the algorithm of solving the task with all routine actions performed by the system. Expert is a specialized subprogram that tracks the progress of solving and helps user if needed.