VI International Scientific Conference

Starting May 11, 2010 - Ending June 11, 2010 Expired
“Informatization of Education in Ukraine. ICT in Higher Educational Institutions” June 3-6, 2010

Conference organized by:


Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


Kherson State University 


Company DataArt 



Conference sponsor:


Microsoft Ukraine 


Almost every educational institution tries to find independently different forms of integration with companies. Unfortunately, there are almost no mechanisms supporting real, but not declarative integration. That is why, the conference is devoted to research and development of potential model of business and universities integration; university correspondence to the modern requirements of labour market in such hi-tech sphere as Information and Communication Technologies.


Higher education is one of the strategically important spheres of Ukrainian society development. Beginning with 2005 Ukraine became one of the countries-participants of Bologna process. Euro integration processes taking place in our country influence this important sphere as well.


Ukrainian system of education faces the following tasks: correspondence to the European standards, adaptation of curricula, active introduction of ICT in educational process, creation of interuniversity infrastructure, development of the system of life-long education using ICT.


Specialists training especially in the field of information and communication technologies, requires close cooperation of universities and users of their services – for example, software developing companies.  


•          The graduates of higher educational institutions must have competences required by labour market. The Bologna mechanism of these competences determination is “European Qualification Framework”.  It includes not only universities and educational authorities but also the companies-employers of university graduates.


•          The quality evaluation of specialists’ training must be done by final users of the university educational services.


•         Professional development of employees is one of the indicators of a successful company.


In order not to remain aside of the world global changes and to take its own place in the new world economic formations, the innovative infrastructure is created in Ukraine today. It includes enterprises, organizations, institutions, establishments, associations of different patterns of ownership providing innovative activity support services (financial, consulting, marketing, information communication, legal, educational etc.). The purpose of creation of a such infrastructure is assuring of the effective use of national scientific and technical potential, increase of the level of innovation and competitiveness of the national economy.


The organization committee of the Sixth International Scientific Conference “Informatization of Education in Ukraine. ICT in Higher Educational Institutions” invites representatives of higher educational institutions, ICT and software companies, professional associations to participate in the discussion of questions of integration of universities and companies, requirements of labour market, assurance of ICT specialists training quality.


Subject of conference.


Organization Committee.


Program Committee.


Offered workshops.




Important dates

-        Articles submission (texts and abstracts)    – 10.05.2010

-        Notice of acceptance/ refusal – 15.05.2010

-        Application for demonstration of software – 20.05.2010


Note: demonstration of software is done on the equipment of the developer, except web – applications.


-        Confirmation of arrival – 20.05.2010

-        Beginning of the conference – 03.06.2010


Presentations are required in Microsoft Office PowerPoint version 2003 and earlier.


Dates indicated here are final. Materials submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed and published.


Draft program:



02-03.06.2010 - Arrival of conference participants.


03.06.2010 - 11.00-14.00 plenary session (room 256 KSU)




                       Transfer to the sports-and-recreation camp « Burevisnik», v. Lazyrne 


04-05.06.2010 - Workshops


06.06.2010 - Closing plenary session, conference closure.


06.06.2010 - Transfer to Kherson



Cost of participation:


Preliminary registration fee is 600 UAH and includes the followings:


                                         - Transfer to SRC «Burevisnik» and to Kherson;


                                        -  Three meals daily and housing at SRC «Burevisnik» (three nights);


                                        -  Publication of conference materials.




Contact Information


Kherson State University


40 rokiv Zovtnya street, building 27, office 107


Kherson, Ukraine







Secretary of the Conference     Kushnir Natalya Oleksandrivna


                Phone: 38067-551-50-05, 38068-346-04-15