Conferences and seminars

VII International Scientific and Practical Conference "ICT in education, research and industrial applications will be held May 4-7, 2011. Detailed information can be found at .


Scientific seminar the «Programmatic systems of educational and scientific purpose»
The scientific seminar of Institute is devoted the scientific, technological and methodical problems of development, implementation and maintenance of the programmatic systems of the educational and scientific purpose.
Scientific leaders of seminar: M. Lvov, G.Kravtsov.
Responsible secretary: V.Lyakutin
Planned meetings of seminar - monthly, second and fourth Thursday. About no planned meetings we report in the news of institute.
With questions about participating in the seminar  you can ask to the leaders and responsible secretary.

Curriculum of seminars on 2010-2011.

Дата Название доклада Авторы Презентация
16.09.2010 Own polynomials and invariant variety of linear operators in finite-dimensional vectorial spaces
M. Lvov, V. Kreknin
 Собственные полиномы линейных операторов.
30.09.2010 Peculiarities of introduction of pedagogical software of Mathematics learning in Ukraine
V.Kruglik Особенности внедрения педагогических программных средств обучения математике
30.09.2010 Distance learning system «ksu online». Modular structure and functionality of the system.
V. Gritsuk
  СДО ksu online.ppt
14.10.2010 About the quality management of electronic educational resources in distance learning.
14.10.2010 The system of control and evaluation of knowledges in the distance learning. O.Gnedkova Система контроля и оценивания знаний в системе ХВУ
04.11.2010 Demonstration environment of  as tool is for organization of calculating experiment at the study of bases of algorithmization and programming E. Alferov
11.11.2010 The module «Whiteboard - Virtual Electronic Board» in the distance learning system Kherson Virtual University. G.Kravtsov, E. Kozlovskiy, V.Lyakutin
25.11.2010 Geometrical method of design of base functions of Lagrange and hermitean finite elements
N. Osipova
16.12.2010 Realization of method of trapecoidov decision of sets of linear inequalities is in APS M.Lvov, V.Peschanenko  
30.12.2010 Calculation of mobile embient Bow Kardelli by facilities of insertional design. D.Klenov
24.02.2011 Моделі, математичні методи та технологія побудови систем комп’ютерної математики навчального призначення. Львов М.С.  
Расписание семинаров на 2009-2010 учебный год.
Date Report's name Authors Presentation
2009.09.10 Effective algorithm for full solution of dispersive equations for 4-wave resonance M. Lvov, H. Kartashova Algorithm NR4.ppt
2009.10.08 Algebraic computings in algebras' extensions: algebra of logic M. Lvov BoolAlg.ppt
2009.11.12 Computation experiment in "Web OAP" environment A. Spivakovskiy, N. Osipova  
2009.11.12 Algebraic attitude for solving systems of linear inequations M. Lvov AlgInequol.ppt
2009.12.10 SDL "Kherson Virtual University", version 2.0. Library and tests. G. Kravtsov, O. Gnedkova DLS_20_lib_tests.ppt
2010.01.14 System of automatical updates for pedagogical software V. Kruglik, V. Liutikov  update.ppt
2010.02.10 Demonstrating results of work of environment of automatic testing of olympiade problems UniversalOlympChecker I. Alexeichuk  
2010.03.11 SDL "Kherson Virtual University", version 2.0. Architecture, a modular structure and interfaces of system

G. Kravtsov,

O. Gnedkova

2010.04.08 Overview of QT toolkit D.A. Kytetsky
A.V. Lavrik
2010.05.13 Demonstrating web–multimedia environment for evolution of mind of children of preschool age M. Maximovich, E. Alfyorov  
2010.06.10 Virtual electronic board Whiteboard SDL "Kherson virtual university", version 2.0. G. Kravtsov, E. Kozlovsky, V. Lyakutin