Methodical Program Complex TerM –School System of Computer Algebra

The main purpose of TerM - computer support for practical lessons and laboratory work in mathematics - mathematical activity is the active user (pupil, student). While this kind of student uses the theoretical knowledge acquired in previous stages of learning to solve practical problems. PMC Term VII can be used by teacher on the lesson in the process of explaining the methods of solving algebraic problems for the independent and control works. A separate module is designed to test the practical skills of students and their property skills of algebraic transformations. PMC Development Term will be switching to it as new domains and new types of problems, that implementing the full support of the concepts students (Validation progress solving problems, automation of routine activities of students, providing student-friendly way to use educational, -methodical and reference information) and teachers (check correct course of solving problems, automation of testing students' knowledge, the teacher of pre-planned in accordance with standards of training materials for the entire series of lessons with the possibility of modifications).